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Did you know transferring your prescriptions is just a matter of one phone call to our pharmacy. Talk with one of our staff members to transfer your prescription to Wainwright Pharmacy.


Did you know, our pharmacist can prescribe you medication for common ailments like Urinary Tract infection, cold sores, mouth sores (cancer sores) etc. Visit your local Wainwright Pharmacy for one-on-one consultation with our pharmacist. Once your assessment is done, pharmacist will fill your prescription and counsel you on the proper and safe use of the medication. Pharmacist will follow-up with you to check the effectiveness and safety of the medication prescribed.


Your pharmacist can renew your ongoing medications in case of emergency. This ensures that your therapy will not be interrupted.
Before renewing the medications, pharmacist will conduct an assessment and based on that assessment, the pharmacist will take decision about the renewal of your prescription. If the prescription can not be renewed by pharmacist, you will be advised about the next step.
Please note, renewal of prescription by pharmacist does not replace an assessment with your doctor. This service is available to fill the gap between the time your prescription ends and the date of your doctor’s appointment.


Did you know your pharmacist can perform ONE-ON-ONE REVIEW for your medications and therapy?

A lot of times, medications and the therapy can be difficult to manage. Fortunately, your pharmacist at Wainwright Pharmacy can help you understand your medications and therapy. Your pharmacist will review with you all the topics related to your medications and health (e.g.: your knowledge about your medications and medical conditions, your diet, lifestyle etc.) Visit your Wainwright Pharmacy for ONE-ON-ONE MEDICATION REVIEW with our pharmacist.